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30 Day Sex Position Challenge



The Challenge: Have sex every day for 30 days, using each of these sex positions at least once. Some require a bit of flexibility or strength from…

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One time in scripture, when the Israelites were facing an impossible situation, God told them, “Hold your peace. Remain at rest, and I will fight your battles.” Notice there was a condition, something the Israelites had to do. It’s the same for us today. Hold your peace. That indicates something is trying to take it away—thoughts of worry, fear, anxiety. You might think, “What if it doesn’t happen? What am I going to do?” If you will just stay in peace, the Creator of the universe, the Most High God will go to work on your behalf.

Remember, nothing can stand against our God. He has all power. He stopped the sun for Joshua. He closed the mouths of hungry lions for Daniel. Whatever you face in life, if you will just hold your peace and remain at rest, God promises He will fight your battles and lead you into everlasting victory!

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"Joshua Beckford learned to read fluently by the time he was two and a half and taught himself to touch-type on a computer before he could write using a pencil.
He can speak Japanese, practices medical surgery on a computer simulator and has completed more than 1,000 maths problems.”

Can we please reblog our children!!!



i always wonder how these super genius children act. like do they act like normal kids and watch spongebob and ride their bikes in their free time and shit or do they sit around philosophizing and reading dense medical texts or something?? how do they talk? like normal kids with scattered thoughts, or with big words i probably dont even know and well thought out responses????

so many questions


"What you call bad hair I call roots I call resistance"
By Nascco, 22, São Paulo - Brazil Submitted by: (nascco.tumblr.com)


"What you call bad hair I call roots I call resistance"

By Nascco, 22, São Paulo - Brazil 
Submitted by: (nascco.tumblr.com)